20 Viral Hooks to Skyrocket Your Views

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We have gathered and organized the 20 BEST viral hooks that you can start using right now to skyrocket your views on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube Shorts!

The Process

In order to put this out we studied the best-performing videos of our own clients as well as viral short videos from big creators with experience in this niche, such as Ali Abdaal, Devin Jatho, and Alex Hormozi.

For $0 you'll get the best current performing hooks that can help you

  • Make better performing short videos (Tiktoks, Reels YT Shorts)
  • Create engaging hooks for your threads on Twitter
  • Develop curiosity-inspiring Carousel starters
  • And so much more!

Here's a sample of what it will look like:

Next steps:

  • Open the PDF document of the list
  • Follow the steps there to open a Notion Page
  • Print views!
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Get the customizable hooks completely free for you to customize, copy to your Notion workspace and skyrocket your views.

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20 Viral Hooks to Skyrocket Your Views

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I want this!